March Madness Tagence Style!

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With March Madness on the way we here at Tagence thought we should share our inside scoop on the best EIM / ECM on the court… I mean market. If you are only using a portion of your software you have invested in, it’s like the coach only putting in 3 out his 5 players. Add to that, the coach may not have even put in his best players for the game plan. This is where the Tagence team and M-Files system comes into play.

M-Files is a slam-dunk decision when wanting an enterprise information management and/or enterprise content management system that will help your business know who’s on your team, their stats, and where they are on the court. In addition, it keeps your game plans and game schedule accessible from anywhere you are securely. Even offline! When you add in the backing of Tagence support, you have the home court advantage to achieve any goals you want.

Ok, enough of the sports metaphors! What if, with one system, you could have:

Control. We can make it so you can “…quickly find, protect, share and archive vital information assets” anywhere at any time. Want the newest schematics of the office building on site, pull it up on your iPad.

Security. There are no worries with M-Files. It provides good, granular automatic security policies. There are no backdoors and data is encrypted both in transit and at rest

ROI. EIMs can cut the size of your server by almost half, reduce office filing storage by 60%, and meet the more than 14,000 federal, state and industry laws, standards and regulation on record retention.

Satisfaction. M-File users have a 98% satisfaction rate.

Contact us if you want the best EIM on your side with an unbeatable support team making sure everything runs smoothly and at 100% without a hitch. If you are worried about the score card at the end of the day, don’t! Tagence can hook you up with a free M-Files demo. There is no harm, no foul in giving us a shot.


Heidi ImageHeidi DesRosier-Mathis

As Tagence’s Social Media Emissary, Heidi works closely with the Marketing Department and upper management to design, develop and produce videos, literature, graphics and other content highlighting Tagence’s suite of products and services.