Tagence, Inc. Joins EidosMedia Partner Network

Leesburg, VA, February 28, 2017, Tagence, Inc., a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) specializing in content management and business process management, today announced a partnership with EidosMedia, Inc. to provide its digital content solutions to the federal government market.

Its signature offering, Méthode, is an enterprise-grade content management and communications platform that applies advanced digital technologies to ingest, manage and deliver public, sensitive and secure information. Its robust publishing tools support the secure and efficient delivery of tailored multi-format communications to multiple destinations and audiences. Using the Méthode platform, agencies can pull information from diverse sources including news feeds, internal databases and document stores, public internet sites and social media feeds; analyze and edit the information in a secure, compartmentalized fashion with granular security permissions and tailored workflow rules; and create different versions of the resulting content to diverse channels: websites, social media, print, press releases or secure email.

Complementing its core functions of content creation and delivery, Méthode includes productivity-maximizing tools, ranging from Digital Asset Management and social search to workflow analytics and intelligent content tagging – all completely integrated within the Méthode workspace. Organizations adopting Méthode have been able to retire multiple legacy systems and simultaneously increase productivity without a corresponding increase in headcount.

“We see many use cases for Méthode in federal agencies, certainly in any large Public Affairs office, but also to support coordinating government’s response to a natural disaster, or to enable real-time mobile collection, analysis and reporting of evidence in a terrorist attack or IED incident,” said Anna Jullien, President of Tagence. “Méthode represents a quantum leap in the way an enterprise is able to manage, understand and disseminate its information, and we’re excited at the possibilities it presents to help make government more efficient and effective.”

Current Méthode clients include The Financial Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Cox Media Group and other leading media and financial reporting organizations across the globe, including various Wall Street firms.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Tagence,” said Steve Ball, general manager for EidosMedia. “We’re really excited by the applications for Méthode in the federal market, and we’ve been really impressed by the vision and direction by our partner in applying their experience to our vision. By merging our technical expertise and industry knowledge, we can conquer the challenges facing the federal market and revitalize the way agencies operate.”

The EidosMedia Partner Network is a select group of well-respected partners that integrate, extend and increase the value of Méthode. Through the platform, partners can help clients: create and distribute market research reports, segment reports for both public and tightly-controlled release, manage relationships with partners and customers online, maintain impermeable firewalls between investment and research arms, collaborate across large organizations, maintain control with orderly workflows and granular permissions, streamline production of digital and news portfolios.

About Tagence, Inc.

Tagence fuses technical expertise and business understanding to help its clients understand, manage and use all of their information in ways that support their core mission. The Tagence team of software engineers, web designers, business process improvement specialists and system architects has domain expertise in multiple business areas including finance, logistics, acquisitions and records management. Tagence consultants and technical staff work with clients to design a system specific to the way their organization works, and provide the support and training to ensure a successful implementation and widespread adoption. Current clients include the Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission, U.S. Veterans’ Administration, The World Bank, National Geographic Society, and a number of commercial organizations.

About EidosMedia

EidosMedia is a global leader in the application of digital technologies to the creation and delivery of high-value content. Its signature platform Méthode is used across five continents by leading news organizations, financial institutions, and global enterprises to achieve excellence in digital content creation and delivery and new levels of productivity and profitability. It provides an enterprise-wide asset management platform and workflow environment, configurable and scalable to meet the needs of the largest, most distributed organizations. For more information, visit eidosmedia.com.