The Latest with M-Files: Partnerships, Acquisitions & AI

On July 11th, M-Files announced its partnership with Esri, a provider of smart-mapping technology. “The combined M-Files and Esri solution is aimed at allowing users to more easily find, access and manage information using intuitive maps, aerial photography and spatially-related data.” Just yesterday, August 22nd, M-Files announced its acquisition of Apprento, a provider of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology solutions. Apprento works with the text in unstructured data, organizing it and providing insights back to system administrators. Its Business Context Engine features patent-pending technology that employs natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU) capabilities to understand both semantics and concepts in content and communication systems.

These are just the latest acquisition and partnerships designed to ramp up M-Files cognitive computing capabilities. The company has also announced a partnership with ABBYY, a provider of language-based artificial intelligence.

M-Files next version release is slated for later this year. The new release will include support for a variety of natural language processing and geospatial tasks. M-Files content management platform is already deployed by a handful of state and local governments. The new release will enable both public and private sector clients to guard against data loss, eliminate file redundancy and gain new insights from organizing the unstructured data they already have.