software integrationOur Perspective

Software applications should make the user’s job easier, not harder. A Tagence software deployment starts with that end in mind. We build intuitive user interfaces, integrations with legacy systems that really work, and reports that provide accurate, actionable data.

Tagence creates custom interfaces and integrations for enterprise applications including HP Records Manager, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SharePoint, and custom-built agency-specific systems. Our software engineers have built

  • A variety of web- and SharePoint-based end-user interfaces to HP Records Manager for multiple user sets in the same high-security U.S. government agency, increasing efficiency of records declaration and search functions
  • A custom energy management and inventory system that allowed the U.S. Coast Guard to accurately track and predict fuel requirements and identify cost saving opportunities during sequestration
  • Add-ins to HP Records Manager to generate watermarks, enable custom lookups, connect to agency- and company-specific databases, perform bulk record deletions and data uploads, and other utilities
  • Custom applications integrated with a U.S. government agency’s finance system enabling acceptance and prioritization of unfunded budget requests throughout the fiscal year, accurate spend-down reporting, and web-based budget planning