Our Perspective

Capturing, managing, storing, preserving, and delivering your content and documents, all related to your organizational processes is what Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is all about. The proper ECM tools and tactics result in the proper management of your unstructured information, wherever the location.


Whether it’s comprehensive software solutions, document and records management, e-mail management, web content management, imaging, workflow, or document-centric collaboration, we can bring the power of the bear to your workplace. Tagence’s solutions provide a holistic approach to making all of your company’s information available while complying with privacy laws, regulatory requirements, and retention policies.

Our ECM Tools:


Tagence has plenty of “street cred”: our staff has successfully deployed Records Management Solutions and led our clients with collaborative tools for over 13 years. Our solutions facilitate compliance with emerging requirements and ensure as you navigate regulations you are implementing the best solution for your organization as a whole.