Taking Information Management to the Next Level

What We Do

Tagence, Inc. provides content management solutions, business process analysis, automation, and advisory services to government, not-for-profit and commercial clients. Organizations as diverse as the U.S. Department of Defense, Securities & Exchange Commission, and the National Geographic Society rely on Tagence to solve their business problems with the right mix of technology and expertise. With the help of our experienced team, our clients mitigate risk, become more efficient, and gain new insight from their enterprise content.

  • Our programmers design web interfaces for data repositories that make business processes consistent, compliant and efficient.
  • Our analysts maintain complex highly-regulated financial systems and provide front-line user support.
  • Our ECM staff has unparalleled depth of experience in the deployment of enterprise content management solutions to support the governance, control, and storage and of our clients’ data.
  • In addition to these areas of specialization, we supply more general IT-related professional services at competitive rates on a per-project or ongoing basis.

Problems We Solve

Content discovery, analysis and migration

Exponential growth of unmanaged content

Structured data archiving and protection

5015.2-compliant records management

Privacy compliance: HIPAA, PII/PHI

Key Capabilities

Requirements gathering

System analysis and planning

System implementation

Data migration

Project management

Custom integrations

Change management and communication

UI/UX design and development Training and support

Our History

Tagence was formed from the Information Solutions division of UrsaNav, Inc., a diversified engineering and technology company, and we carry with us the engineer’s desire to find and solve interesting problems. From UrsaNav, we also bring our twelve year history of successful performance, our customer base, and our employees, with their passion for excellence and their knowledge of our customers’ needs.

Our name, “Tagence,” comes from the words DATA and INTELLIGENCE, reflecting our existing expertise in information management and a forward-looking interest in helping organizations to understand, control and use all of their business data in novel ways.



Charles Schue

Founder and CEO

Charles A. (Chuck) Schue is the Founder and CEO of Tagence, where his role includes providing a level of continuity with the past, developing the strategic vision shaping its future, and acting as its “Architect of Ideas.”

Anna Jullien

Anna Jullien


Anna Jullien brings a broad range of experience as a business owner and manager, with particular expertise in finance, software implementation and government contracting.

Jennifer Rhodes

Jennifer Rhodes

Executive Vice President

Jennifer M. Rhodes applies her expertise to Tagence’s business development and strategic capture initiatives.