Case Management

Your Best Option for Case Management Services

Every business has a class of problems or practices that require coordination of knowledge, content, and people to achieve an outcome—from processing a customer request to leading an investigation or managing inventory.

Adaptive Case Management is an active approach to solving these challenges. With flexibility at its core, adaptive case management puts the power in the hands of the business user to manage processes in a nimble, collaborative way.

Tagence's Case Management Solutions deliver COTS functionality including:

  • Customizable web-based user interface
  • Drag and drop
  • Prebuilt Intelligent forms
  • Visual tools for configuration
  • Build your own intelligent forms
  • Adaptive workflows
  • Tab system allows less scrolling
  • Link cases, people, and documents

Audit Case Management

Empower business users to take control of the system to perfectly match your organization’s existing audit processes.  Easily configure workflows, reports and dashboards, field names, checklists, page layouts, and other best practices.

Contract Management

Automatically file documents in the right place, every time. Quickly find the documents you need and share them across the organization.

Correspondence Management

A highly-configurable case management solution that automates the management and tracking of all inbound, outbound, and internal correspondence through a single, unified solution.  

EEO Complaints Case Management

Our eComplaint solution manages, tracks, and reports on every aspect of the EEO complaint lifecycle. It allows managers to easily view individual EEO complaint status, global EEO complaint status, and other key process indicators (KPI) through custom dashboards and enables end-users to quickly process EEO complaints electronically through automated workflows and rules.

Employee and Labor Relations Case Management

Our ER/LR solution can be quickly configured to meet your agency’s needs from mirroring your processes with dynamic workflows to match your branding. The application comes with commonly used digital government forms, reports, correspondence, and tools to get started faster.

FOIA Case Management

FOIA/ATIP/Public Records agencies are tasked to ensure compliance to legal frameworks intended to protect sensitive information. Failure to ensure compliance can result in security breaches and significant fines.

Human Resources Case Management

Our HR Case Management software provides configurable design tools to quickly build powerful case management apps. Spend more time optimizing your processes and less time testing code.

Investigation Management

Our Investigation solution's powerful data management capabilities link essential information to one or many cases, helping uncover complex relationships among people, places, and things. Built-in advanced security features ensure sensitive information is always protected using a variety of highly-flexible user, role, and information-based controls.