Change Management

Count on Us for Quality Change Management Solutions

We drive successful change for the organization through an individual and collective change journey.

While every organization is different, there are common artifacts that can determine the need for change management and the support necessary for success. These aspects of an organization’s culture – its beliefs, values, and processes are vital to any successful transition.

How do you know you need Change Management?

  • Large, complex technical transformations
  • Significant organizational restructuring (due to expansion or global growth)
  • Merger or acquisition of new company or division
  • Prior to initiation of New Agency or Office mandate
  • Personal Transformations – Individuals transition to new areas of responsibility or promotion

How does Tagence accelerate business with Change Management?

As we build out a Change Management Plan, we consider the people first. How will the change impact them? What will be different for them? What do they need now and what do they need to know to be successful? How will they need to adjust their thinking, skills, daily habits? In the transformed space – how will they think and act differently?

Out of the proven change models, we work with you to select the one most relevant to your organization and the change effort. Or we pull from the best of the best to design something that fits your unique needs.