Law Enforcement Solutions

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What if I told you there is a world where officers always fill out their incident reports on time? Where agency office staff aren't bogged down by FOIA requests? Where records requests are always quick and easy and don't hold up investigations?

That world exists with Tagence.

Our goal is to help your agency increase its efficiency and get your officers back to doing what they do best: protecting the public.

We provide the following solutions to agencies looking to streamline their processes and protect their information:

  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software
  • Records Management Software
  • Case Management Software
    • Employee Relations/Labor Relations Case Management
    • EEO Complaints Case Management
  • Video Transcription Software
    • Specifically tested for use with vest-worn cameras
  • FOIA Software
  • Robotic Process Automation

Find out how Tagence can help your department get back to doing good.