Jennifer Rhodes on Closing It! – Ten Q3 Essentials for Federal Q4 Wins

What’s the best way to build your business – especially before the close of the fiscal year?

Build relationships first.

In May, I shared some ideas that Tagence used to close a federal sale in Q4 2017. The sale started with a simple pilot of $10K. That relationship led to another peer client that yielded a contract of nearly $1M.

How did that happen?

We started by building the relationship. It’s more than just sending an email. It’s follow-up phone calls, face to face meetings, architecting a solution, being curious about client needs and desires and delivering a pathway forward that is relevant to the client and in their language. Through those steps, we built a trusting relationship and demonstrated a commitment to deliver long before the contract award.

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– taken from Jennifer Rhodes’ presentation at Closing it! Ten Q3 Essentials for Federal Q4 Wins with Summit Insights