Micro Focus ControlPoint

Micro Focus ControlPoint


Information contained in multiple systems and repositories provides little insight into business performance and practices if it is not managed in a holistic manner. Siloed information provides tactical value to a small segment of the overall enterprise, but rarely delivers strategic value to executives or the enterprise as a whole. MicroFocus ControlPoint allows you to know your data for better decisions.

Key Benefits

Gain visibility and understanding of business risk associated with dark data.

Automate compliance, legal hold, and retention management.

Perform legacy data cleanup and defensible disposal.

Set policy to drive secure management of valuable business content and records.

Manage content effectively based on business value and lifespan.

Integrate with HPE Content Manager to facilitate robust, compliant, governance-based content management for declared business content and records.


  • Designed for data managers
  • Easy to navigate web interface
  • Easily access repositories, policies, and data administration
  • Repositories are defined according to the IDOL connectors used
  • Visually see data relationships and relevance on the dashboard
  • Integrate with Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, HPE Content Manager, other data storage systems

Micro Focus ControlPoint uses the Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) Connector framework to identify, analyze, and control diverse types of information stored in enterprise repositories and dark data. ControlPoint categorizes and applies policy to content indexed by IDOL. A dashboard-style display provides business insight into the themes, locations and the information’s value.

An advanced file analysis tool facilitating information governance for connected data sources, ControlPoint simplifies the definition and application of policy regardless of data format or location. This system can remove source-specific policies and instead unify policies across the enterprise, allowing staff to learn one system and one user interface. Role-based security allows task delegation and control user access. It can also help identify bottlenecks in the process.

With ControlPoint, the criteria for ROT can be defined on a per-repository basis. Detailed and targeted ROT analysis makes it easier and faster for information analysts to plan clean-up activities and provide the business with a more accurate assessment of its compliance state.

ControlPoint provides insight on dark data that places organizations at risk.