SDL: Structured Content Management

DITA Structured Content Management

SDL Tridion Docs is a DITA-XML-based component content management system (CCMS) that centralizes and streamlines the creation, reuse and delivery of structured content. Tridion Docs manages topic-based structured content using the DITA standard, a structure that makes your data future-proof and process-efficient, allows your content creation process to be accurately-repeatable and reusable, and gives you the ability to brand,
control and deploy information with ease.

Tridion Docs allows you to focus on creating content without having to worry about format and branding, while seamlessly managing content versions, supporting simultaneous collaboration, driving the assembly and delivery of publications and structured documents, and keeping it all under control with end-to-end workflows, all from a centralized system. Whether you’re focused on complex technical, legal or regulatory documents, or you want to provide efficient streamlined production of content with approved templated processes, SDL Tridion Docs will give you the tools you need.

Discover the Quantitative Benefits of SDL Tridion Docs

Key Features

Componentized Content
Work together in a streamlined, controlled way to divide and conquer, without losing control.

Improved Quality
Integrated review, approval management, and structured document assembly.

Easy Publishing
Publish content to multiple channels simultaneously with single-source, multiple-variation formats for targeted and controlled delivery.

Increased Efficiency
Reuse and reassemble content in via a centralized component content management system.

Streamlined Process
Workflows streamline processes content reviews and approvals, enforce processes and repeatability, and increase efficiency.

Automated delivery across traditional and digital channels through Baselining and Dynamic Experience Delivery.

Why structured content? Download the fact sheet on unstructured versus structured data now.