Strategic Partnership: Tagence Partners with ArkCase

February 10, 2021- Leesburg, Virginia.
We are happy to announce Tagence’s partnership with ArkCase, an open-source Case Management Software provider.

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Tagence partnership with ArkCase will expand its case management offerings for clients.

Tagence Partnerships

At Tagence, we believe that the best way to provide impeccable service to our clients is to provide cutting edge solutions for business challenges. All Tagence Partnerships present the best products on the market with:

  • Excellent customer support,
  • Groundbreaking offerings, and
  • Flexible scalability.

In other words, if we get excited about something, it is something special. Moreover, we want our products to be the best fit and grow with our clients. Concurrently, we need our partners to provide a secure product that is easy to use.

Why ArkCase?

ArkCase has us excited for our customers. We know businesses don’t all face the same challenges. Despite our experience and success with case management in the past, we recognize the differences in budget, scope, and needs of each customer are unique. Basically, each customer is special.

Consequently, with ArkCase, we can expand our case management solutions portfolio and bring the flexibility of being tech agnostic to our customers. In addition, we can offer a solution that is the optimal fit for an increasingly diverse customer base. ArkCase is a low-code, secure, open-source, and cost-effective solution for anyone looking to implement case management in their business.

What to Expect: Tagence Partnership with ArkCase

ArkCase and Tagence share a shared vision of providing insightful and innovative solutions that will accelerate businesses forward. We look forward to offering our clients a low-code and open-source case management solution that is configurable for their unique needs at any size.

In the future, you can expect Tagence to provide the same outstanding customer service and expert knowledge in case management implementations. You can also expect an exceptional case management tool with a highly collaborative staff that want to make your case management problems go away. We look forward to what our partnership will provide our clients in the future.

About Tagence, Inc.

Tagence, Inc. is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that strives to accelerate businesses towards reaching their goals with intelligent, innovative, and insightful solutions. Our Expertise in COTS product implementations reduces development risk and increases speed to project completion. Our team also has success in providing Organizational Change Management support for smooth, universal adoption of new systems and processes.

Furthermore, we have more than 15 years of past performance in government and commercial system implementations. An expert leadership team guides us with deep familiarity with government, commercial, and nonprofit environments.

About ArkCase

ArkCase is a global leader in Open-Source enterprise case management technology and provides a highly configurable, secure, and compliant platform. This platform provides core competencies to modernize an enterprise solution that includes content management, personalized dashboard, AI/ML, predictive analysis, reporting, and workflow. By taking advantage of the latest open-source technologies, ArkCase provides a low-code environment that is cost-effective to implement and maintain.

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