Now Hiring: IT Intern

Work With Us as a Technical Intern

Background. Tagence is an IT and Information Management firm pivoting towards the provision of hyperautomation to commercial clients. If you are already exploring potential careers, then let us help you. You will be a player on our team, not watching from the bench. The more you want to learn about all the parts of a company required to provide superior software products and services delivery, the more we are willing to teach. We presume you are becoming skilled at your craft, but are you skilled enough to make a difference in the real world. If you pass this test, you can continue to grow with us as we help make our clients more successful.

Purpose. We are interested in candidates who will assist with the business analyses and technical tasks related to hyperautomation, machine learning, robotic process automation, and business optimization. If you find yourself saying, “self, there must be a better, faster, cheaper way to do this,” then you are exactly the candidate we seek to help our clients who are asking themselves the same questions.

You at Tagence: This internship is where you can hone the character traits that make you valuable to any company: self-motivation, proactiveness, and reliability. Our work often takes place in secure or high safeguard environments or requires access to sensitive information, so we prefer US Citizens and the ability to obtain a Public Trust Clearance.

Preferred Skills or Experience. We work remotely or at the office, and our clients are often remotely accessed, so we need to be able to use standard workplace tools or quickly learn to use them. Microsoft Office 365, of course, Adobe, Slack, LinkedIn, Asana, and other software tools should be in your toolbox. The ability to understand and develop software troubleshooting logic and perform process and data analysis, particularly using reporting tools (e.g., Excel, Tableau, Crystal Reports), will be quite valuable. Also, a fluent understanding of written and spoken English is required. Also, experience with JavaScript, SQL and Python are a plus.

Icing on the Cake: Although this opening is focused on an internship, we are always in the market for those with more experience and/or who are interested in changing direction. Should you have familiarity with Microsoft Power-Automate, Chatbots, Python or JavaScript, or database scripting and queries, it would be advantageous.