The Almighty Demo: Decision Maker or Deal Breaker

You’ve just perused a beautifully written proposal chock-full of attention-grabbing images and compelling flow charts. The proposed solution seems like it could potentially be a great match for your needs, but you’re not entirely sure it’s exactly the solution you’re seeking.

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There’s only one way to tell if a solution is a truly viable option—request a demonstration. Here are three great reasons why.

A demo is a chance to meet the team behind the solution. It’s the perfect way to make sure a team is the right fit for your business. You can see them in action and find out how well they work with each other—and with your team. You’ll be able to assess how prepared and knowledgeable they are, as well as how well they understand your needs and your industry. 

A demo will also allow you to test the team’s knowledge of their solution, answer your questions and demonstrate the value impact their solution brings to your business. Does the team have a plan and a pathway to implementation? What’s the time frame? Do they know exactly what they need from you to put their plan into action?

A demo is an opportunity to make sure the software solution works. You’ll able to see if the demo’s environment shows the solution as it was proposed and if the solution works as described.

It’s always wise to establish your “must-haves” for procurement before the demo takes place. Doing so will ensure that your key requirements are covered before exploring the solution’s additional capabilities.

Lastly, a demo allows you to envision the software’s possibilities. This can be a very powerful experience. You’ll get to see the connectedness of the workflows and actions, understand the layout and try the solution with your particular needs in mind. You’ll have an opportunity to visualize what it would be like for you and your team to use the software and realize its potential. And you may even learn about a new feature or function that could become a key requirement.

Demonstrations always go far beyond the proposal. And they’re a vital discovery step on the road to decision-making and procurement.

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