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Our History

Tagence was formed from the Information Solutions division of UrsaNav, Inc., a diversified engineering and technology company, and we carry with us the engineer’s desire to find and solve interesting problems. From UrsaNav, we also bring its seventeen-year history of successful performance, customer base, and dedicated employees, with their passion for excellence and their knowledge of our customers’ needs.

Our Operating Philosophy

Tagence is the central element of a Venn diagram. We form the intersection of three groups of people: our employees, our clients, and our partners. Each of our employees is vital to our success. Therefore, one of the company’s primary goals is to foster an environment of positive work relationships among all employees. It is only when we strive to cooperate and communicate in the attainment of our common goals that we as a group become successful as individuals.

For all of us to be successful, we depend on our clients. Without clients, there would be no job, no paycheck, and no company. Therefore, we are committed to the standards and ideals embodied in total client satisfaction. We must regard the client and their needs as the number one company priority and strive to ensure that the client’s satisfaction guarantees repeat business and goodwill in the marketplace.

Our business model as a Software Solutions Partner requires that we develop solid and meaningful relationships with our partners. We depend on their products, and they depend upon our ability to resell their products and add value through our professional services.

Our Name

Our name, “Tagence,” comes from the words DATA and INTELLIGENCE, reflecting our existing expertise in information management and a forward-looking interest in helping organizations to understand, control and use all of their business data in novel ways.