Our Team

The Experts in Information Technology Solutions

Our team includes software engineers, application specialists, business process improvement specialists, accounting professionals, change management experts, web designers, and other professionals with core expertise in a range of areas.

Photograph of Charles Schue, President and CEO

Charles Schue

President & CEO
Charles “Chuck,” Schue is happiest when discovering innovative technology solutions and collaborating with dynamic, talented colleagues to undertake the application of those solutions to unique business challenges. Chuck believes the best part of his job is helping make clients successful. For him, a fundamental part of achieving that success is nurturing positive relationships and loyalty between our excellent employees and customers. He is a firm believer in Frederick Reichheld’s Net Promoter Score, a simple survey tool that helps inform the loyalty of a firm's relationships. One of Chuck’s spare-time activities is restoring grandfather clocks. He thinks they are a marvel of craftsmanship that blends beautiful wood cabinetry and high-quality mechanical movements to make precision time machines. As with a great team, when all the components of a Grandfather clock are working together, the results are mesmerizing.
Photograph of Jennifer Rhodes, EVP

Jennifer M. Rhodes

Executive Vice President
Jennifer M. Rhodes is an advanced change management expert with a passion for building purpose-driven organizations, leading strategic initiatives, and creating successful teams. In 2017, Jennifer joined Tagence as its executive vice president. Her focus is on leading the company’s business development and strategic capture initiatives. She is an accomplished professional with years of experience advising in both the private and public sectors. Jennifer earned her Executive MBA from George Mason University and received a double Bachelor of Arts from DePauw University in Russian Studies and Political Science. Additionally, she holds and maintains the following certifications: RIVA Facilitation, PROSCI Change Management, and Change Management Advanced Practitioner from Georgetown University and Draw Your Future from Up Your Creative Genius. When Jennifer isn’t working (and when is that?), you’ll find her burning calories while chasing family and devoting her energy to charities and various board activities.
Photograph of Ian Schue, Director of Technology

Ian Schue

Director of Technology
Ian coordinates with members of the Tagence strategic team and operational teams to find the best solutions for customer needs, as well as developing and maintaining our offerings within the customer's technology ecosystem. Ian has nearly two decades of experience working with digital assets, policy, system design, business process enhancement, content management, and more. Prior to joining Tagence, Ian was a solutions consultant and systems architect with product developers in both small and large companies, gaining exposure and opportunities across a wide range of skills and disciplines, as well as different customers. The experience has taken him anywhere from records management, data migration, film and litigation case tracking, inventory and warehouse systems, content supply chain, business process design and analysis, government environments both local and abroad, and more. Outside of Tagence, Ian is a member of his local maker's space and various interest groups including car and astronomy clubs, utilizing both his skills and willingness to help others.
Photograph of Tirena Dingeldein, Director of Marketing

Tirena Dingeldein

Director of Marketing
Tirena Dingeldein is the Director of Marketing and MarketTrends Analyst for Tagence. Her expert opinions and insights have been cited in numerous publications and interviews, including BusinessWire, The Atlanta Small Business Network, and BusinessInsider. Prior to joining Tagence in January 2020, Tirena provided marketing direction and insights for several technology businesses and Gartner Inc. She holds a B.S. in Biology from Christopher Newport University, an M.P.H. from George Mason University, and a Marketing Certificate from Georgetown University. In her spare time, Tirena enjoys collecting antique microscopes, gardening, and taking care of a boxer named Igor.