Méthode: Digital Content Solutions
for the Public Sector



Méthode is a highly secure and configurable enterprise-level platform for the ingestion, creation, management and dissemination of content.

Key Benefits

Multiple variants of a communication can be delivered to different recipients or destination channels – all from a single template.

A suite of configurable governance tools ensures all information processing is compliant with legal regulations and agency policies.

The all-inclusive, open framework integrates with external and legacy data sources for seamless information ingestion and processing.

Powerful collaboration tools streamline multi-user workflows to keep your team on task and your project on schedule.

Advanced search functionalities and automatic queries can locate digital content from internal and external information sources.

Built on standard technologies means a long-term solution, ready to evolve and innovate with the advancing landscape.

Use Cases

Leading investment banks and ratings agencies use Méthode to:

  • Create and distribute market research reports
  • Segment reports for both public and tightly-controlled release
  • Manage relationships with partners and customers online
  • Maintain impermeable firewalls between investment and research arms

International media outlets use Méthode to:

  • Collaborate across very large organizations
  • Maintain control with orderly workflows and granular permissions
  • Streamline production of digital and news portfolios


Both upstream and downstream of the content management operation, Méthode is interoperable with an extensive range of formats and data sources.


Méthode has an open and extensible technological framework designed to connect smoothly with import/export services and APIs without additional costs.

Méthode reduces time-to-deployment of new initiatives by using web standards to manage and configure new sources and channels.

Using a flexible framework also opens the door for customized service capabilities tailored to organizations’ specific requirements.

Seamless Ingestion and Integration

Méthode’s built-in toolset can ingest information from a wide-range of existing digital sources, such as email, data feeds, legacy systems, etc.

Agencies can import and manage confidential information, such as medical diagnostics, legal contracts, or government records, all kept secure behind Méthode’s system of permissions and controls.

Support for evolving technologies means Méthode is future-proof, reducing total cost of ownership over the long term.

Web Standards and Cloud Deployment

Méthode applies ‘best-of-breed’ technologies, chosen for their power and ease of integration, in compliance with applicable technology and security standards: W3C, DCIA, NIST, etc; VPAT and SSP available upon request. Méthode can be implemented both on-premise and with cloud-based hosting.


Méthode is used by more than 30,000 users across six continents.

Leading investment banks, asset management firms, and rating agencies that create and distribute both public and highly restricted market research, as well as manage relationships with customers and partners online.

Current Méthode clients include The Financial Times, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones, Cox Media Group and other leading media and financial reporting organizations across the globe, including various Wall Street firms.