Efficient business processes, software that enhances productivity, qualified professional staff — when these supports are in place, your organization can focus on its core mission.

Building and maintaining these support systems is our core mission. We help our clients select the right software, configure it to support their specific needs, train users, ensure widespread adoption, and work alongside their own employees as short-term consultants or long-term staff support.

Our team includes software engineers, application specialists, business process improvement specialists, accounting professionals, change management experts, web designers, and other professionals with core expertise in a range of areas including finance, communications, records management and enterprise information management. Our expert staff brings a strong foundation of experience to a diverse portfolio of offerings, including a variety of support services. Fourteen years of successful past performance supporting essential business processes in government, commercial and nonprofit organizations in the U.S. and abroad is the experience that is rooted in our promise to support your mission.

Managing Change

Our clients realize the full promise of their solutions when we teach them to proactively manage change and draw their employees into ownership of new processes and systems.

We use proven change management methods, strategic communication and engaging end-user training to ensure widespread adoption of new systems and methods, and provide ongoing support to users and system administrators.

Organizational Metrics

The structured and unstructured information your organization has at its disposal is a rich source of data. We can help you identify and organize that data, and put systems in place to capture and use it to understand financial trends, staff workloads, process bottlenecks and other metrics you need to make forward-looking decisions.

Change management planning, strategy and execution support
Leadership and stakeholder engagement
Project management
Organizational communication
Graphic design and technical writing
Training and end-user support

Project Snapshots

Design and implementation of business process and enterprise content management systems

We can help you select, plan and implement a system that works the way your business works.

NAMIC Insurance Company had unusual requirements for its records management system, including a single data repository with very strict isolation of subsidiary records. Tagence configured an HP Records Manager (TRIM) system to their specifications and supported NAMIC staff through the implementation and adoption periods.

Customized interfaces and extensions for enterprise applications

We make your software work for you, speeding adoption and simplifying your workflows.

Our software engineers have met specific client needs with custom extensions and enhancements for HP Records Manager (TRIM), including automatic watermark generation, custom lookups, connections to agency-specific databases, bulk record deletion and data uploads and user interfaces.

Operational support for critical business processes on an ongoing or as-needed basis

Our on-site experts will work alongside your staff, augmenting and amplifying their efforts.

Tagence staff members established the fuel card program that enables efficient management of the U.S. Coast Guard’s energy requirements. We led business process improvements, data mining and reporting efforts, system enhancements, and preparations for migration to the Coast Guard’s new financial system.

Maintenance and updating of legacy systems

We’ll keep an outdated website or database working until you’re ready to migrate.

The Tagence team has operated and maintained a legacy website used internally by hundreds of FAA staff members and by the general public for over six years. We are currently modernizing the look and feel of the site, enabling users to more easily navigate the complex policies and guidance.