Tagence, Inc. – A Culture for Innovation

A few months ago, ZDNet published an interesting article entitled “Innovation defined: New, useful, real and critical to long-term success” written by Bill Detwiler. This article seemed to be written specifically for Tagence and the culture of innovation being developed here. Detwiler’s goal was to rediscover what innovation is in today’s business market.

Detwiler believes that innovation is a continuous process. A single innovative product or service does not ensure long-term success. What will truly set a company apart is if it can innovate not just once, but time and again. He argues that organizations must take the final step and build a culture of innovation.

With the creation of Tagence, Charles Schue and Tagence’s President, Anna Jullien, decided to look for new and innovative software solutions to help Tagence grow in the electronic content management (ECM) market. From the customer’s perspective, every project is innovative. If we want to provide the right long-term solution for each customer that supports their business over the long term, we need a broad portfolio of product offerings.

Innovation doesn’t have to mean building a new product.  A study by the Standish Group estimates 64 percent of the features in an average enterprise application are never used while only 20 percent is actually used in day to day operations. Tagence wants its customers to have the best fully functioning ECM, so we look for new ways to exploit the capabilities of each software package in the context of the customer’s existing business processes. Our customers are not only getting the most for their money but also getting software the has been designed to work for them and that produces information that will help their employees work faster and smarter.

For a small company, taking on new products can be an effective way to foster a culture of innovation. Each new product presents a learning challenge for our staff.  As we explore the capabilities of a new product, we sometimes see new ways to use familiar products too.

Tagence is on a constant hunt looking for new partners to collaborate with. Perhaps your company might be interested? Or perhaps you’re in the market for an ECM system? In either case, we would be happy to hear from you.